We Came, We Saw, We Planted

11th February 2015

Eunomia staff and their families spent a glorious winter’s day planting trees last Sunday, helping the company offset its carbon emissions.

The company announced in October 2014 that it would fund Avon Wildlife Trust to restore three and a half hectares of ancient woodland in Prior’s Wood, an area of North Somerset’s Gordano Valley. The land, recently acquired by the Trust, had formerly been planted with disease-prone non-native conifers, which were felled as part of the project. That left a steep, uneven slope clear for new planting of deciduous native species.

c_beforeDuringAfter SML

The day started with the assembled volunteers carrying stakes and tree guards down the hill to where they could be used. Under the supervision of project co-ordinators from Avon Wildlife Trust, the assembled volunteers were given spades and hammers, and were let loose to get on with planting small saplings of a variety of species, including oak, beech, spindle, hornbeam and cherry. Trees were planted in small groups to prevent the faster-growing varieties from shading out the others.


After a busy morning’s work, there was a break for a packed lunch and a chat, with some of the team taking a stroll over to a nearby pond that forms an additional habitat within the valley. Then it was back to the spade work…

DSC08850 SML

In all, the team is estimated to have planted around 500 trees, covering almost the entire site. It’s hard to imagine now, but in fifty years the area will be a beautiful deciduous bluebell woodland – as well as a carbon sink that more than covers the greenhouse gas emissions Eunomia was seeking to offset.


Photos: Maxine von Eye