Do you want to understand how much time your crews spends collecting waste?

The Timekeeper tool helps councils understand whether waste collection services are making full use of their staff and vehicle resources. The tool is flexible enough to use data from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Interviews with supervisors and crews observations (e.g. for departure and return times)
  • Information from GPS trackers (e.g. to show when vehicles are stationary)
  • Weighbridge data (e.g. to show when vehicles arrive at the tip)
  • Formal observations carried out by one of our qualified work study practitioners

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Timekeeper is used to produce detailed analysis of the performance of different rounds, taking account of the time spent on:

  • Start and end duties (e.g. collecting keys, vehicle checks, fuelling, paperwork)
  • Driving, whether from the depot to the collection round, from the round to the tip (and possibly back to the round), or from the tip back to the depot.
  • Collecting waste on the round
  • Breaks, crew or individuals
  • Time at tip, including queueing, weighing in, tipping and weighing out

Timekeeper can be used as part of a standalone project, but is more often used alongside the Hermes model, or to produce key metrics for Fleetroute projects.

Find out how we can use Timekeeper to help you improve the efficiency of your collection service by contacting our team.