Do you want to improve logistics to make your  waste collections more efficient?

The location of depots and tipping sites has a significant impact on the amount of time that is available for crews to collect waste each day. Eunomia’s Drivetime tool shows how waste collections can be carried out more efficiently. This tool is particularly useful for authorities considering partnership arrangements. When councils work together, borders no longer limit collection logistics, Drivetime is used to model cross-border rounds to improve logistics across the whole area covered.

Eunomia has extensive experience of modelling cross border working between authorities in a range of rural and urban settings. We use Drivetime to:

  • Calculate drive times from each depot and tip to the collection areas (generally the population-weighted centre of each ward).
  • Determine the minimum ‘drive time triangle’, i.e. from the depot to the collection area, from the collection area to the tip, and from the tip back to the depot

Once the optimum configuration of depot and tips for each ward is identified, we can use Hermes to identify the amount of savings available from collection resources.

Our experience shows that, not only is it often possible to reduce the number of vehicles required, there is also a reduction in fuel costs due to more efficient drive times and reduced distances.

Find out how we can use Drivetime to help you in improve the efficiency of your collection service by contacting a member of our team.