Tackling Waste Crime in Scotland

26th November 2014

Eunomia Senior Consultant Peter Jones will be presenting the findings of a key study on waste crime in the UK at the Environmental Crime Task Force Conference, taking place in Edinburgh today (26th November).

The conference, brings together many of the principal stakeholders affected by and with responsibility for policing waste crime in Scotland. Peter will be highlighting the causes, impacts and costs of waste crime, and considering what Scotland can do to target this fast-growing area of crime. Eunomia has been commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland and SEPA to investigate how public procurement can be used to minimise opportunities for waste crime.

Also on the agenda will be Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, who will be announcing a new project that his organisation and SEPA have commissioned Eunomia to carry out. The project will involve working with stakeholders across Scotland to develop and refine a suite of ideas about how procurement practice can be used to prevent waste produced or collected by public bodies from getting into the hands of waste criminals. It aims to produce guidance that will be relevant and easy to use whether for local authorities contracting for municipal waste treatment and disposal, or for other public bodies buying in waste collection services. The work is due to be completed in February 2015.

Project Director Mike Brown said

“Waste crime is a growing issue, and something Eunomia understands very well. We’re delighted to be able to help Zero Waste Scotland and SEPA with this work, which also draws on our expertise in public procurement, and look forward to producing accessible and easy to implement guidance so that public bodies can be confident regarding how their waste is handled.”

Peter Jones said

“The ECTF conference is evidence of the seriousness with which waste crime is being tackled in Scotland. I’m looking forward to some lively discussions, which I hope to take forward as I meet with stakeholders over the coming weeks.”

Additional details and the conference programme can be found here.