Weekend Away 2019

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Eunomia’s staff were recently treated to a weekend stay at Kilve Court Outdoor Centre, packed with activities including mountain boarding, high ropes climbing, live music and (most importantly) litter picking.

Eunomians arrived at the site to early evening sunshine, which bathed the gently rolling hills of the Quantocks. After pitching tents or unpacking into cabins, the team were quick to remember the awaiting kegs of Bristol Beer Factory brews and headed inside. With their thirst quenched, they were treated to homemade pesto pasta – an essential dish for campers – which was lovingly prepared with ingredients collected via Food Cycle, by Maxine and Director Joe.

Despite the good food, beer and laughter, there was a feeling that something was missing. The source of this feeling was soon realised when the Waste World Cup players finally rolled into camp – and having been ‘unbeaten until the final,’ the team were given a hero’s welcome.

With the balance restored and the fire pit  roaring, Eunomians settled down, chatting late into the night. For the keen-eared early night camper the phrase ‘unbeaten until the final’ could be repeatedly heard echoing through the camp…

Soon after the last of the socialites had called it a night, campers were rudely awakened by the sun’s rays and were forced to head out for breakfast. They were joined three hours later by the beaming cabin dwellers and the day’s activities began.

Teams headed off for rifle shooting, outdoor climbing, mountain boarding, a high ropes course and buggy building. Meanwhile, a group, led by much loved company mascot Harvey the labradoodle and Daisy (Staffy Cross), opted for a morning stroll in the local countryside. It’s fair to say some of the mountain boarders quickly became envious of the walkers. Suspicions towards the sport arose when the first lesson was on ‘how to fall safely.’ Some suggested it would have been more apt if the first lesson was ‘how not to fall’. Nonetheless, Eunomians soon had plenty of chances to practice their first lesson, suffering fall after fall – some safe, others less so. In the adjacent fields, teams competed to assemble buggies and race them around a track and others worked together to conquer the Jacobs Ladder on the high ropes course.

With the culmination of the activities the teams ventured out to enjoy the local pub lunch and the beautiful Chantry Cream Tea Gardens before settling at the coast for an afternoon of litter picking, fossil observation and sunbathing. When everyone had regrouped at the Centre and sun burns had been sufficiently mocked, it was time for a feast prepared by our Chairman, Dr Dominic Hogg. Once again utilising food from the prior morning’s food cycle collection, Head Chef Hogg and assistants produced a delicious lentil dahl, spiced potato patties, chickpea pancakes and a pea and coconut chutney.

With their stomachs full, it was time for Dirty Murph and the Kerbside Sorters to produce the best performance of their musical careers. Welcoming two new band members, Hannah Gillie on vocals and George Beechener on saxophone, the group produced a display that was described as ‘one flare short of Pyramid Stage’. Buoyed by the performance of the band, dancing went on late into the night.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning everyone packed up their tents, shared out Tupperware boxes full of leftovers, and said their goodbyes.

Thanks to organisers Olly Jamieson and Laura Williams and the directors for a wonderful weekend away. Finally, thanks to Kilve Court for hosting!