Success at the 2019 Waste World Cup

July 2019 Back

The Waste World Cup is becoming an annual highlight for Eunomia, where a small yet dedicated team leave the shelter of their desks to take on other companies from across the waste management industry in a football tournament. As temperatures soared in early July, Eunomia’s 2019 team donned their painfully orange kits once again to attempt to bring the Waste World Cup home.

Eunomians from across our offices stepped forth to join the team, including 2018 veterans Laura Williams (c), Sean Hollowed, Alice Johnson and Tanguy Tomes. These experienced Waste World Cuppers were complimented by some fresh faces, who made up for their lack of footballing ability through astounding commitment: Hannah Gillie, Mark ‘Cat Walk’ Ward and Jack Hedger.

The team began warming up with some exercises and stretches someone remembered from PE. There was a general feeling of unease amongst them as a football was introduced to the mix; passes were poor and shots were askew. The grass was itchy and the sun too warm, these weren’t feelings that the consultants were accustomed to. After an agonising few minutes of this, it was time for the opening game against the finely tuned Valpak.

The team showed moments of genuine footballing prowess, spurred on with frequent shouts of encouragement from Keeper Tomes. Eunomia built momentum and adopted a gegenpressing style. With a final score of 1-1, the bright orange Eunomians left the field with a new-born confidence.

Captain Williams fired the team up for their second game, where a penalty was slotted home by Sean, who had begun to prove himself as the central pillar upon which the team would invest all of their fragile hopes. After a blistering strike from Mark, the second game ended 1-0 to Eunomia, and was followed by a 2-1 victory in the third and 1-0 win in the fourth.

The team found themselves on an astonishing winning streak, with dazzling displays from all: Laura skipped past lumbering opponents; Hannah was steadfast in her tackling; Alice covered every blade of grass; Tanguy intimidated the opposition with shouts of ‘not in my goal’ and Jack and Mark did their best.

Eunomia finished the group stage unbeaten, but narrowly finished second on goal difference to Valpak. While they turned up to compete for the Waste World Cup, it was to the Waste World Plate that all efforts now turned to.

In the first playoff, Eunomia matched up to a Veolia side who donned a pleasantly designed purple kit. At this point, there were no substitutes for Eunomia and bodies were aching. The team struck back into action, with dazzling displays of fitness. Team Eunomia, now a well-oiled football machine, stunned the opposition with two goals. To the final they headed.

The Waste World Plate final is nothing to joke about, and the opportunity that it presented galvanised the team’s resolve who shared a steely-eyed look of intent. That being said, there’s a certain level of athleticism that is inevitable in the final, one that is difficult to maintain without substitutes. Weary limbs began to flag, and slowly, after several missed chances, the dream crumbled. A 2-0 defeat in the final was not easy to swallow, though heads were held high.

Team Eunomia enjoyed a quick third half, before heading off to the Weekend Away in North Somerset. The team decided that the best way to describe the day was ‘we were unbeaten until the final’, and that it shouldn’t specifically be mentioned this was the Plate final rather than the Cup final. The Waste World Cup (/Plate) was a great day for Eunomia, and congratulations to all of the other teams. Training starts soon for next year.