Manchester goes Go Karting

November 2017 Back

As the nights started getting darker the Manchester team decided on an indoor Go Karting session for their November Social. After taking a lift down to a maze of corridors under Victoria Station they donned their balaclavas and all in one suits to listen to an in-depth safety briefing.

Joined by Debbie from Bristol (who was very nervous) they settled into electric karts, and the fun began. Taking it slowly to start with, everyone got to grips with the stop go cars and average lap times increased.

Not deterred by the extremely competitive testosterone fuelled group sharing the track the team set out for the second time, everyone increased their fastest lap by at least a second and the final times were:

Daniel Card – 36.1 seconds

Alice Morris – 37.2 seconds

Debbie Fletcher – 38.6 seconds

Kate Thompson 39.3 seconds