Bristol Office Goes Ape

September 2018 Back

Our most recent Bristol Office social saw staff brave the Go Ape! outdoor adventure, located in the beautiful Forest of Dean. One group of consultants reverted back to life in the trees, where they were challenged with step gauntlets, zip lines and rope swings. Meanwhile, another group embraced the future and embarked on a Segway ride around the 3.5 km ADIDAS TRAIL that runs through the forest.

It’s safe to say that the team didn’t hold back. Up in the trees, Tim in particular made short work of the course, pulling off a very convincing impression of an ape careering through the jungle.

The approaches taken to zip wire landings were varied; however, both legs and posteriors proved to be effective tools for coming to a stop. Still, the team was united in unanimously opting for harder option when faced with a choice between crossing a gentle rope bridge or hurling themselves into a giant terrifying net.

While the monkey business was going on up above, the Segway group took to the forest floor on their two-wheeled, self-balancing transporters, achieving top speeds of 12.5 miles an hour. While feeling pretty strange at the first, the steering system was soon second nature to everyone. While keeping her eyes on the road, Mathilde did also manage to spot a deer dappled with sunlight.

On completing their activities, everyone was awarded with certificates of achievement. These have no doubt taken up prominent positions in everyone’s homes. Finally, leaving the forest we were lucky enough to see a wild boar piglet dash through the undergrowth.

Upon returning to Bristol the team headed to local restaurant, bar and bicycle repair shop Mud Dock for dinner, drinks a discussion of who had made the biggest monkey out of themselves.

Many thanks to Laura and Ollie on Eunomia’s social team for organisng a really wild evening that everyone in attendance went bananas for!