Big Summer Swap

June 2018 Back

Eunomia’s Big Summer Swap saw colleagues come together in an exuberant spirit of reuse to give new life to possessions that would otherwise go to waste.

With summer finally in the air, our Bristol office gathered up their winter clothes, unloved books and discarded DVDs and bundled them up with an eclectic collection of Christmas crackers and bike locks for the company Big Summer Swap. The premise was simple: browse through the piles of impromptu freebies and take home whatever took your fancy, with everything left over donated to the local charity shops.

charity, clothes swap, reuse, recycle, circular economy, clothes

The loft, already full of people racing to snap up the best offerings, was overflowing with knitwear, summer dresses and some loud festival flower tights. After an enforced period of abstinence from bargain-hunting, time that was conveniently filled with falafel, hummus, pitta bread and a rainbow array of salad, the wolves descended on the colourful display of items.

charity, clothes swap, reuse, recycle, circular economy

Among the most popular were a quirky sailor hat, some beautifully presented cake forks which sadly didn’t find a home, novelty fish ice cube trays, and a collection of marbled nineteenth-century French tomes by Victor Hugo. Colleagues gently and diplomatically fought over their favourite items, with everyone going home happy and carrying a bundle of new clothes, gifts for parents, cookbooks and even some clothing storage. 

charity, clothes swap, reuse, recycle, circular economy

Aside from the wonderful food and drink, the evening highlighted our drive for a circular economy, with the reuse and repurposing of all our unwanted possessions to minimise our waste contributions. Many thanks to Caroline, Emma, Camilla and Joss for organising a fantastic event, as well as everyone who donated their much-loved items for the betterment of the office.