Sky Calls for Other Businesses to Sponsor Fountains

4th July 2017

Sky TV met with Eunomia Principal Consultant Adrian Gibbs on Friday 30th June by our head office to see the new Queen Square drinking fountain and find out why we sponsored the newest addition to this public square in Bristol.

Reporter Rebecca Williams interviewed Adrian to find out why we did this, and why we think other businesses should do the same as part of a news report released on Sunday 2nd July 2017 looking into the decline of public drinking fountains and rise of single-use plastic consumption.

As part of Sky TV’s ongoing Ocean Rescue Campaign, the feature explained that drinking fountains were introduced to ‘wean the public off alcohol’ and Sky are calling for the re-introduction and redevelopment of this public service to ‘wean us off plastic’.

The news report also called on other businesses to consider sponsoring a drinking fountain in a public space nearby.

Adrian worked with stakeholders Bristol City Council, Bristol Water and Bristol Waste to deliver the installation of the new fountain in May 2017.

2. Eunomia Colleagues Launch Water Fountain

The team at Eunomia Bristol toasting the launch of the new drinking fountain

Adrian said:

“We purchase over 35 million plastic bottles every day in the UK alone and only around half of these are sent for recycling. Those that are littered can make their way in the marine environment contributing to the 12.2 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year. This plastic is expected to degrade over a period of hundreds of years, with a range of negative impacts occurring throughout this timescale upon marine life and connected ecosystems. The true scale of the damages are largely unquantified, but what is clear is this is a problem of epidemic proportions.

“Drinking fountains like the new one in Queens Square avoid the need to buy a single-use plastic bottle when office workers, school children and passers-by are thirsty – it saves people money and keeps them healthy!

“The Queen Square fountain was a collaborative project delivered by Bristol Water, Bristol City Council, Bristol Waste and Eunomia. This highlights how – in our example – a water provider, public space operator, service organisation and sponsor can come together to provide a valuable urban utility to be used by the public for years to come. We hope other businesses will be inspired to do something similar by identifying sites in shopping centres, transport hubs, parks, gardens and other public spaces, so that having a drink does not mean buying a bottle.”

Sky also met with Natalie Fee Founder of Refill a not-for-profit organisation that started in Bristol and aims to build networks of refill points in cities across the world with many already established and accessed via a downloadable app.