Sustainable Products

Are you interested in applying eco-design principles to your products? Is your business looking to embrace circular economy business models?

Good design is a fundamental enabler of the circular economy. Whether you’re a retailer or a producer, we can help you apply eco-design principles to make your business’s products and packaging more sustainable.

We can carry out a hotspot analysis of your production and supply chain processes, using carbon footprinting or lifecycle analysis to identify the points within the product’s life that create the greatest environmental impact, and advise on how these could be reduced or mitigated.

We use a range of tools and techniques to advise on how to improve the products themselves. Using our product teardown process, we can carefully disassemble a product to look for features and issues that affect key sustainability parameters. How easy a product is to disassemble and repair is in itself a critical circular economy consideration. We can advise you how its design could be amended to improve the durability of key components, reparability, upgradability and recyclability at the end of the product’s life.

There may also be opportunities to change your business model to improve recovery of your product and recover inherent product value. Servitisation, though leasing arrangements for example, and remanufacture through component reuse are options that are often more profitable than simple make and sell models and growing in popularity across a range of product lines.

Electrical equipment can present a particular range of challenges and opportunities. Many gadgets have quite short lifespans, particularly due to the speed of technological advance. We can advise on how product design can incorporate circular economy features, including accommodating the possibility of later upgrades, extending the product’s life.

To find out how we can help you adopt circular economy principles in the design of your products, contact Mark Hilton.