Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain Resource Efficiency

Are you looking to evaluate your procurement and supply chain management? Do you want support in greening your supply chain through revised procurement processes?

Organisations are increasingly compelled to demonstrate how procurement and supply chain activity goes beyond basic compliance. Delivering procurement outcomes which provide value for money, and generate benefits to the economy and society, whilst avoiding environment impacts, represents a challenge for many organisations.

Only by challenging traditional approaches to supply chain provision can the greatest efficiencies be secured. Relatively simple steps greatly improve the resource efficiency of your business and drive change and improvement along your supply chain.

Eunomia brings a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations to adopt more strategic approaches to procurement that delivers against competing and emerging stakeholder priorities.


  • Developing sustainable procurement strategy and policy;
  • Embedding sustainable and circular economy principles within procurement and commissioning strategy;
  • Evaluating buying need and challenging linear procurement models;
  • Spend analysis, risk and opportunity mapping, spend prioritisation; and,
  • Training and capability building.


  • Tender, framework and contract support to evaluate true whole-life-costing of products and services; and,
  • Embedding relevant criteria into the procurement process to support delivery of sustainable/circular outcomes.

Supply chain:

  • Stakeholder mapping and supplier engagement;
  • Supplier policies, goals and targets;
  • Mentoring procurers and suppliers; and,
  • Supply chain dialogue, innovation and market development.


  • Ensuring compliance with rules and regulations; and,
  • Horizon scanning and supply chain impact assessment.

To find out how we can help you understand the best way to meet your practical needs and your green ambitions, contact Mark Hilton.