Strategy & Policy Development

Are you developing or updating your sustainability strategy but don’t know what to prioritise? Are you unsure of your impacts – including those from your supply chain?

Do you have any visibility of what policy measures are in the pipeline in the form of regulation and taxes and how these might affect your business? Are you unsure as to which way to move in terms of product and packaging alternatives or whether so-called circular economy business models might be appropriate for your business?

We are in a unique position to help you in that we are immersed in, and often leading, UK, EU and even global policy developments, whilst also having a very practical understanding of the way businesses operate and their constraints through our Sustainable Business team.

We can help you to identify environmental ’hotspots’ across the value chain, undertake policy ‘horizon scanning’, analyse stakeholder drivers, undertake option reviews and develop business case assessments to help guide your corporate strategy, update your policies and keep you future-proofed.

We can also help you incorporate the key targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into your strategies and policies, and make sure that you and your supply chains are keeping up with the latest environmental issues and stakeholder concerns, enhancing your environmental performance whilst reducing business risk.