Product and Service Sustainability Impact Assessment

Are you seeking to reduce the sustainability impacts of your products and services?

Good design of products and services is a fundamental enabler of the circular economy. Whether you’re a retailer or a producer, we can help you apply eco-design principles to make your organisation’s products and services more sustainable.

We can carry out analysis of your production and supply chain processes, for example, using carbon foot-printing or lifecycle analysis, to identify the points within the product’s life that create the greatest environmental impact, and advise how these can be reduced or mitigated.

We use a range of tools and techniques to advise on how to improve the products themselves, for example, to improve durability, reparability, upgradability and recyclability. Using our product teardown process, we can carefully disassemble a product to look for features and issues that affect key sustainability parameters. How easy a product is to disassemble and repair is in itself a critical circular economy consideration.

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