Natural Capital

Do you understand the full value of your natural capital assets? Are you trying to enhance the services delivered by your natural capital assets, or looking to understand where investing in natural capital is most cost-effective?

A number of different methodologies have been developed over recent years with a view to valuing the services which nature provides to society. These benefits can be converted to a capital value for the assets providing those services. Where natural capital is concerned – whether this be in the form of green space, woodland, rivers, wetlands, or urban parks – it is extremely rare to see a value delivered that is restricted to one specific service.

Nature supports the delivery of services in respect of providing resources (food, water, timber), climate regulation (through absorbing CO2, shade, insulation), enhancing air quality (through intercepting air pollutants), and enhancement of biodiversity (with subsidiary benefits including pollination of crops). The worrying loss in habitats and biodiversity in recent years is partly explained by a complete failure to integrate these values properly into economic discourse.

Our team’s specific expertise is focused not on the minutiae of valuation, which we fully comprehend, but on rendering those valuations useful, and in using them, enhance investment in nature. We are particularly interested in working alongside businesses, organisations and local authorities who are looking to develop mechanisms to support the funding of natural capital.

You may be interested in our services if you are looking to:

  • Enhance the services that natural economy assets can provide;
  • Understand better the value of the assets under your control, or over which you may be able to exert some influence; or
  • Understand how enhancement in natural capital can reduce financial outlays or generate savings, for example through generating benefits to human health.

We are also interested in working with policy makers and finance institutions who are seeking to unlock finance to support natural capital investment.

Contact our team today to start making the most of your natural economy assets, or to find out more about how you could benefit from making a natural capital investment.