Low Carbon Funding Support

Could your organisation gain a competitive edge through greater adoption of low carbon measures?

Adopting low-carbon and energy-efficient technologies can offer significant returns. The UK Government’s Building Energy Efficiency Survey 2014/15 found that Britain’s non-domestic premises had the scope to reduce their energy consumption by 39%.

More than a third of these savings – worth £1.3 billion per annum in energy bill savings – could be implemented with a payback period of three years or less. These are direct savings from reduced energy bills and business process improvements; but there are also opportunities to gain profile and prestige by demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Many opportunities in the low-carbon sector require support via a government backed mechanism. There is a plethora of mechanisms available, and securing support from them is often a complex process.

We use our comprehensive knowledge of the sector to advise our clients on which support mechanism best fits their needs. We provide clear and understandable advice on how the schemes operate, translating complex scheme requirements into a clear set of dos and don’ts.

Using our policy and commercial knowledge, we can also help our clients develop clear strategies that consider the competitive aspect of many of the mechanisms. For some clients, we are also able to manage applications on their behalf, gathering documentation and securing funding.

Our expertise includes major support mechanisms, such as:

  • Renewable Heat Incentive;
  • Heat Network Investment Project; and
  • Contracts for Difference.

Contact us to discuss how we could support you in reaching your low carbon goals.