Circular Economy Business Models

Is your organisation looking to investigate circular economy business models?

The business case for adopting a circular economy is clear – evidence shows it can help make organisations more resilient. But resilience today isn’t enough; a circular economy is one that ensures that organisations have future-proofed their operations not just to survive, but thrive.

At a conceptual level, the circular economy is a simple and attractive solution that enables organisations to reduce their consumption of energy, water and materials and their dependence on primary resources. In addition, it can help organisations turn their waste into an asset with value attached to it. However, at a practical level, current business models are not built in such a way to make the concept of circular economy easily and practically achievable.

We provide expert advice to help organisations identify and investigate various circular economy business models. These include evaluation of opportunities to extend product life and extract more value through servitisation; for example, through subscription models, sharing, leasing, take back and remanufacture – approaches that often lock-in customers and can be more profitable than simple “make and sell” approaches. As well as helping to define the concepts, we can also undertake the financial modelling to demonstrate the business case.

To find out how we can help you to understand the commercial opportunities that  circular economy business models can bring to your business, contact Mark Hilton.