Sustainable Business

Eunomia works with organisations to help them understand and reduce their impact on the environment, whether through their own operations or through their products and supply chains.

We provide robust strategic and operational advice designed to help organisations address the most pressing issues of our time, including climate change, biodiversity loss and plastics pollution.

We can help you to develop a Sustainability Strategy that drives performance, builds resilience, and reduces commercial risk by:

  • Ensuring that you complywith current legislation and are ready for forthcoming policy changes;
  • Understanding your environmental and social impact hotspots, including those in your value chain;
  • Dealing with market developments and consumer concerns (e.g. on plastics), protecting your reputation;
  • Setting commitments that are realistic and science-based;
  • Developing meaningful approaches to mitigating impacts; and thereby
  • Staying ahead of your competitors, with more efficient and circular business models.

We can also deliver the ‘nuts and bolts’ work that will help to guide and operationalise the Sustainability Strategy through, for example:

  • Carbon foot-printing and net-zero trajectory development;
  • Green procurement and supply chain management;
  • Product and packaging eco-design / optimisation;
  • Packaging recyclability reviews;
  • Horizon scanning and policy review;
  • True-cost-of-waste analysis;
  • Resource and energy efficiency audits;
  • Internal and external benchmarking;
  • Cost-benefit analysis and financial modelling; and
  • Business case development.