Waste Policy & Strategy

Are you looking to develop a waste management plan, or revise an existing one? Are you looking for support to develop more targeted policies for particular waste streams?

The countries, regions and municipal authorities who have made the most progress to improve the management of their waste have done so against the backdrop of a well-articulated strategy or plan for managing waste. The waste management sector relies heavily on regulation and legislation in order to prevent the improper disposal of waste, with all the attendant problems that creates.

In addition, key drivers tend to use combinations of target incentives standards and guidance that help the key stakeholder to progress towards more sustainable forms of waste and resource management.

We can use our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of this area to help you:

  • Take the early steps needed to develop a strategy from scratch;
  • Develop a forward-thinking strategy, possibly with a view to foster a more circular economy;
  • Articulate the fundamentals of a coherent waste management strategy or plan;
  • Ensure there is a clear allocation of responsibility across national, regional and local government;
  • Examine the costs and benefits of introducing new strategies and plans;
  • Ensure the right types of policies are implemented, considering the nature of the market for the management of waste;
  • Undertake waste projections and forecasting;
  • Understand the requirement for investment in new waste management services; and
  • Develop mechanisms for allocation of funds and procurement facilities.

At the local level:

  • Undertake options appraisal for new waste management services;
  • Support procurement services;
  • Deliver training programmes; and
  • Develop programmes of national assistance.

Contact one of our team if you would like to gain insight into waste management policy and strategy, or to start developing a tailored solution to your waste management jurisdiction.