Is the issue of plastic litter in the marine and terrestrial environments being highlighted as a risk to your business? Are you unsure of the implications from a policy or practical perspective?

Do you want to understand the scale of the problem and what solutions are available to tackle it?

Larger plastic litter such as bottles and bags are known to slowly fragment into small particles once they enter the marine environment; these can be ingested by marine life. Equally, there are also many products such as automotive tyres, synthetic clothing, artificial turf, painted surfaces, cosmetic products and shoe soles that contribute microplastics to the natural environment – including on the land, in waterways or in the air we breathe.

It is estimated that 12.2 million tonnes of plastic enter the marine environment each year but there are likely to be many more potential sources, some of which are yet to be discovered.

If your business is concerned that this may be an issue, we can use our extensive experience in this area to:

  • Help you understand the scale and implications of microplastic pollution;
  • Help you assess what kinds of measures are available to you to help you reduce it;
  • Offer insight into upcoming legislation that may affect your business; and
  • Offer insight into industry action in Europe and across the world.

Contact one of our team if you would like to better understand microplastic pollution or start developing solutions which help you plan for the future.