Social Prescribing & Green Spaces

What are the benefits of interacting with the natural environment for the people in your local area? How could you save money in the long term by investing in your community?

The majority of people experience water through the major urban rivers that run through cities across the world. There are immense financial and social gains to be made by investing in urban natural economy, with payback not only in the form of cash benefits, but in better physical and social health, lower pharmaceutical use, and increased revenue for local councils and businesses.

With the development of green infrastructure a certainty in the future, it’s important to be prepared for the change – and making the investment now can make all the difference for future health – and revenue.

If your business is considering supporting an urban natural economy scheme, we can use our wide-ranging knowledge to help you by:

  • Advising on suitable and effective project options;
  • Carrying out financial analysis and risk assessments;
  • Predicting the savings made and benefits to health of environmental schemes; and,
  • Advising on the best delivery mechanism.

Please contact one of our team if you would like to better understand the role of urban natural economy, or to start developing solutions which help you plan for the future.