Governance & Partnerships

Have you thought about working with land owners and managers to provide new ways of delivering your objectives or to mitigate future risks and costs?

Over £13 billion is spent in England each year to protect and enhance the land and water environment for the benefit of people and wildlife. More effective allocation of this spending through smart governance and partnership could deliver tens of millions of pounds of efficiency gains.

We have experience of building trust with policy makers, regulators, farming organisations, NGOs, local authorities and businesses and have an extensive network of connections which means we can help you in engage on a wide range of topics. We can support you with:

  • Stakeholder mapping;
  • Stakeholder consultation; and
  • Facilitating cross-sector partnerships.

We can also help you turn pilot programmes into national operations. We have experience of identifying and developing:

  • Funding streams;
  • Action plans; and,
  • Stakeholder partnerships.

Contact one of our team if you would like to develop a financial or policy mechanism which brings about change in your catchment area or on the land you own.