Catchment Management & Land Use

With an estimated £13 billion spent in the UK every year on catchment management, it’s an area where there are a lot of opportunities for efficiency gains and savings.

Effectively managing catchment areas reduces flooding, secures water supply and improves water quality without having to increase overall expenditure. The complexities of the relationships between water companies, land managers and regulators can make it difficult to find solutions.

Our expertise in working with all the organisations that affect and benefit from sustainable water use means that we can help analyse situations and facilitate conversations to find areas of common interest and develop shared action plans.

We have been undertaking policy assessments for many years, developing, piloting, evaluating and refining approaches. We explore what works and what doesn’t work and  search for good practices to address weaknesses. Through this work we have helped identify cost effective solutions using natural systems that:

  • generate economic activity;
  • mitigate flood risk;
  • reduce nutrient losses and wider sources of water pollution;
  • manage microplastic risks; and,
  • deliver social prescribing models to improve citizen’s health and wellbeing.

Contact one of our team if you would like to better understand catchment management issues, or have any water treatment and regulation questions.