Do you want to understand how consumers and firms have changed their behaviour in response to a policy change in the past, or how future changes may affect them? Do you want to ensure future policy changes are informed by insight into past behaviour?

Econometrics can help you answer these questions so you can make informed decisions.

Econometrics applies mathematical and statistical methods on past data to answer why a specific economic behaviour was observed, and more importantly, what we might expect to see in the future.

Econometric modelling can be applied to many different areas including:

  • Analysis of consumer and firm behaviour;
  • Designing marketing and communication strategies;
  • Demand-supply analysis and forecasting;
  • Financial modelling and cost benchmarking; and,
  • Policy design and impact assessment.

We can develop bespoke econometric models to replicate the economic systems of your individual business or industry. You can use our models to understand the key variables that drive change and forecast future changes. Whether or not you have experience of working with quantitative data, or if you’re about to start utilising quantitative method – we can develop something that works for you.

Contact our team if you’re interested in using econometrics to plan for the future.