Environmental Fiscal Reform

Are you seeking to use fiscal policy to address environmental problems? Are you looking to improve your fiscal position through tax and subsidy reform?

Would you like to understand how to set such a shift in motion? How to design a new tax, how to apply it, and what the likely effects might be?

We can help you design and deliver such a shift – known as environmental fiscal reform.

We have carried out reviews of existing taxation systems and modelled alternative scenarios for the future for a variety of governments and organisations including the New Zealand Waste Levy Action Group, the Scottish Government and the Nordic Council of Ministers Waste Group and Swedish EPA.

We can include all the variables you would like to consider when configuring and modelling alternative tax set-ups such as:

  • Engaging with stakeholders;
  • Implementation and sequencing considerations;
  • Getting the price right through accounting for external costs; and,
  • Ex ante appraisal of likely behavioural changes, including anticipating ‘announcement effects’, and the associated impacts.

Contact one of our team if you would like to understand how you can change your taxation system to improve your environmental performance and public finances.