Climate Change

Are you looking to design policies to mitigate the effects of climate change? Are you looking for support in the development of your strategic approach to addressing climate change?

It is obvious to everyone that the climate is changing and that the effects of climate change are potentially catastrophic for the planet.

We engage with the issue of climate change across the range of services we provide, and have made important contributions to some of the less well-studied areas, which have contributed to our understanding of the impact of the choices we make. Our work on the climate change impacts of the choices around how we manage waste and resources, as well as how we design products, has helped to bring about important shifts in opinion over the last fifteen years.

As we have broadened our range of service offerings we have become increasingly involved in supporting the argument for, and the actual development of, policies that seek to constrain the warming of the planet within levels deemed as acceptable under the Paris Accord. In all of our service areas the way we think about decisions that confront us is always shaped by consideration of the climate-related impacts.

We are able to support you if, for example:

  • You are considering, at the national level, what your nationally determined contribution (NDC) should be;
  • You are trying to develop a marginal abatement cost curve (MACC);
  • You are interested in the global consequences of your activities, as opposed to those only related to the emissions you report under inventories reported to the UN FCCC; or,
  • You are seeking to design and implement policies that can support abatement of greenhouse gases or greenhouse gas removal.

Our other services, such as green finance, may also be of interest in this area.

Contact one of our team to start developing a comprehensive strategy towards your impact on climate change, or to discuss ways that you could make your climate change policy more effective.