Packaging Policy Design

Are you looking for packaging policy to be designed in a way that encourages innovation and resource efficiency? Do you want to improve recycling of packaging and the use of recycled content, and also minimise littering?

Do you want this to be achieved in a way that is as cost-effective as possible, and fully respects the principle that the polluter should pay?

The UN Sustainable Development Goal for responsible consumption and production highlights the need for the packaging of the future to be as sustainable as possible. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience, we work closely with governments and NGO’s to design and appraise the impacts of specific packaging policies.

We have an in-depth understanding of the design features, and their associated strengths and weaknesses that can be applied in the following mechanisms:

Our policy and strategy team works closely with our sustainable business team – lead advisors to the private sector – so our recommendations always take account of the latest market developments, and with a sound understanding of the way in which businesses may respond to specific policy interventions.

Contact one of our team if you want to understand how you can improve, develop or apply better packaging policy design.