Air Quality

Are you looking to develop an air quality plan or strategy? Do you need to implement specific measures to address poor air quality?

Air pollution is more than car fumes: factories, construction work and tyre wear all contribute to an atmosphere that is becoming increasingly dangerous to breathe. Businesses may be unaware of the negative impact they have on air quality, with crucial work needed in ports and across the vehicle manufacturer chain as well as in often overlooked areas such as the domestic biogas stoves.

There is growing public awareness of the impact of pollution on human health, which is increasingly putting pressure on both government and industry to act – as are the estimated 40,000 early deaths caused by low air quality. Air pollution also has much wider implications for wildlife and the natural environment. The introduction of upcoming legislation will result in new requirements and responsibilities for a range of industries and businesses.

If you are concerned that your business might be affected, we can use our technical extensive expertise in this area to:

  • Offer insight into upcoming air quality legislation that will affect your business;
  • Help you identify the costs and benefits of measures to tackle air pollution to assist in the development of business cases for undertaking specific measures to tackle air pollution;
  • Aid you in identifying the risks that air pollution poses to your company; and
  • Support you with our in-depth policy knowledge to help you successfully lobby policy makers to take action.

Contact one of our team if you would like to better understand air quality issues, or to start developing solutions which help you plan for the future.