Waste Treatment & Recycling Markets

Are you making decision about how to treat biowaste or residual waste? Are you trying to understand the best approach to sort recycled materials for the best value outcome?

Waste treatment is highly reliant on infrastructure, and decisions taken today need to be robust in the long term. We can help you weigh up the options and make the right choice.

For waste collectors, obtaining the best price for recycling or the lowest gate fee for waste is critical to the overall financial performance of a waste service. Further, your service design needs to mesh with your choice of treatment.  We have the sophisticated tools and the specialist knowledge to help you explore your options.

For developers and investors, the choice of a particular technology needs to be sustainable, even when markets are volatile. We can help you understand the dynamics that are shaping the development of the residual waste and recycling markets so that you can make informed choices.

  • We can use the in-depth data we hold on waste and recycling facilities operating within the UK, together with our sophisticated models of waste arisings, to help you decide between treatment options, including whether to consider export to make use of overseas treatment capacity.
  • These same tools allow us to advise investors and developers regarding whether proposed new treatment and reprocessing infrastructure is likely to be able to secure the necessary feedstock to ensure financial viability.
  • Our excellent contacts with technology providers enable us to share insight with you on developments in sorting equipment so that you can develop a business case for pre-treatment of residual waste, or for a new MRF.
  • Having previously written guidance for WRAP on how to maximise income from dry recyclables, we can help make sure that you are obtaining the best value from the material you collect.

Whether you’re reviewing the cost-effectiveness of the services you offer or considering offering a waste treatment service, our team can help. To find out more about the services we can offer contact our team.