Options Appraisal

Are you responsible for household waste collection? Are you looking to make your system more efficient and cost effective?

Local authorities are under simultaneous pressure to increase recycling and save money. They, and the private waste contractors that deliver outsourced services on their behalf, have to find ways to maximise the benefits of recycling schemes they roll out, whilst minimising costs.

The range of options to consider can be baffling, and their effectiveness and costs can vary considerably depending on where and how each is implemented. The range of possibilities whose impact we can help clients consider includes:

  • Introducing new or expanded collection services, targeting materials such as food; waste and plastic pots, tubs and trays;
  • Amending collection frequency;
  • Changing vehicle specifications; and
  • Undertaking recycling campaigns and communication with residents.

We can analyse the effect of changes made by a single local authority, across multiple authorities working together, or in support of national or international waste policy decision making.

Our approach builds on a set of sophisticated and innovative modelling tools that enable us to show you how changes will affect a particular collection service. Our experienced team can support you by modelling:

  • Service changes, including vehicle updates, introduction of new material collections and changing collections frequencies;
  • The cost and performance of full-scale service redesigns;
  • The implications of national policy changes for on-the-ground recycling collection systems; and,
  • The potential efficiency gains from different approaches to partnership working.

Collection service modelling can be a useful support in procurement processes, helping you assess what resources are really necessary to complete the required work. It can also be a means to resolve contract disputes, where different parties disagree over the amount of resources that are needed.

Contact our team today if you want the security of knowing you’ve chosen the most cost-efficient option for your collections service – or if you’re interested in finding out the benefits of different systems.