Litter & Streets

Are you responsible for keeping your local area free from litter? Are you looking for ways to have a more efficient service and make savings at the same time?

The estimated cost of litter in the UK is over £1 billion a year, with local authority spending contributing to almost four fifths of this amount.

Keeping our streets clean has been one of the high-profile responsibilities of Litter Authorities since the introduction of the Environmental Protection Act. Local councils as primary litter authorities are charged with keeping streets, footpaths, parks, verges, rights of way and pavements free from litter and maintaining a clean local environment.  Crown authorities, educational institutions, transport bodies and companies also have similar responsibilities.

With increasing budget reductions street cleaning is one of the first services to be cut – but with the heightened public interest in plastic and its impact on wildlife, the last thing that people want to see more of is litter on their street, and in April 2017 81% of the UK population was frustrated by the amount of litter they saw.

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to run a more efficient litter and street cleaning service whilst saving you money, we can use our expertise in this area to:

  • Carry out a performance review of your current practices, looking at methodology, resources and equipment;
  • Identify potential areas for savings and improvements;
  • Put together a revised street cleaning plan, providing a range of options for a more effective service;
  • Run workshops to provide you with the knowledge to focus your resources most efficiently;
  • Assist you in carrying out zoning of your local area; and
  • Advise on how to deliver the best possible service with your available resources.

Contact one of our team if you’re looking at updating your litter cleaning service, or if you’re interested in finding out what we could do to maximise the impact of your services.