Are you looking for efficiencies to save money in your HWRC service? Are your Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) suffering from low or falling recycling rates?

Our extensive expertise enables us to support local authorities and contractors across the full range of HWRC services, from overcoming challenges to greater efficiency and high recycling rates to providing contract support and overseeing site design.

HWRC trouble-shooting

We can offer a broad range of solutions to increasing site performance, staff and public behaviour and operational efficiency at HWRCs, whether sites are big or small, new or old, privately contracted or run in-house.  Our service includes independent assessments and recommendations tailored to the needs of HWRC networks and individual sites, measures to improve recycling behaviour, as well as identifying new policies to increase public engagement. We can also offer our bespoke modelling service for HWRC service improvement model, which calculates the impact of improvements and the financial costs or – more often – benefits of service changes.

HWRC contract support

Contracts form a key part of any HWRC service, whether from a local authority or private waste management company perspective. We are able to provide expert support in contract disputes, identify savings through contract negotiation, as well as providing support  for procuring HWRC services or preparing tender responses for HWRC management contracts.

HWRC infrastructure support

Our sites and planning team are able to take you through the process of HWRC development from start to finish.