Commercial Waste

Are you a commercial waste service provider looking to enhance the financial viability of your offering? Are you a procurer of commerical waste services looking to maximise the benefits from your provider?

Whether you run a commercial waste service or are a large-scale buyer of commercial waste services, we can help you understand the market and how to maximise the benefit you obtain from it.

Commercial waste services are complex and competitive, and any organisation that wishes to succeed in the market needs to understand its business model, its clients and its competitive advantages and weaknesses in the market. We have developed a suite of commercial waste tools that enable collectors to understand their costs and income, how to price their service, and the impacts of service changes on their bottom line.

If you’re looking to buy in a commercial waste collection service, how do you decide which collector offers the best deal? How do you cut through the marketing material to understand the real service being offered? We can help by designing a tender process that will enable you to define your requirements, bring it to the market in a way that maximises competition, and select the best response. We can combine this with a review of your on-site waste management practices to identify simple changes that will save money without creating inconvenience.

Many town and city centres suffer from poor commercial waste management – too many bins and sacks out on the street for too long, and too many refuse collection vehicles from different companies visiting the area each day. We can help organisation such as Business Improvement Districts to improve the quality and price of the services businesses receive through our well-established collaborative procurement model, which consolidates the market and improves efficiency. We will design a tender process that reflects the specific requirements of an area and undertake a rigorous analysis of the proposals received, giving our clients confidence that they have selected the best deal the market can deliver.

To find out more about how we can help you tackle the challenges of commercial waste, contact our team.