Do you want to know how changes in your collection service might improve your recycling performance? Could you save money on how you collect waste?

Local authorities and other waste collectors are facing a combination of policy changes and financial pressures. Recycling rates will need to rise to levels that few municipalities currently achieve. Meanwhile the commercial waste market is increasingly competitive, and facing its own pressures. It’s never been more important to understand how to maximise the performance of a waste collection system at the lowest cost.

We can help you understand how your current collection system performs, the reasons why it isn’t performing optimally (which can be behavioural, not just operational) and the way that would be affected by future service changes. We can also advise on how to establish whether a particular service design is legally compliant.

Whether you’re preparing for procurement or trying to drive efficiency and performance improvements within an established service, Eunomia’s team and our set of proprietary tools can help you understand your current situation and evaluate the alternative options so you can make an informed decision about any changes.