How would your recycling performance change if you altered your recycling collection system? What if you started collecting food waste or charging for garden waste?

Eunomia’s WasteFlow model calculates authority-wide NI192 equivalent recycling performance results for a range of collection options, broken down by material type.

WasteFlow uses WasteDataFlow figures and information about comparable councils with different collection systems drawn from our Benchmarker tool. It enables us to generate detailed estimates of how operational and policy changes you are considering could affect recycling performance and the flow of waste into different parts of the collection system.

WasteFlow Pictogram

This model anticipates:

  • How waste moves between different collection streams (e.g. from residual bin to dry recycling)
  • How waste moves between collection and other waste services (e.g. from bring sites to recycling bin)
  • How the level of contamination changes under different collection systems

We offer WasteFlow as a standalone service, but many clients prefer to use it as a stepping stone towards a more detailed collection options appraisal. WasteFlow produces the assumptions that drive the recycling performance, vehicle fill rates, collection times, material income and avoided disposal costs produced by our collection options modelling tool, Hermes.

Find out how we can use WasteFlow to help you in improve the efficiency of your collection service by contacting a member of our team.