How do you find the most efficient routes for your waste and recycling collection vehicles?

Eunomia has partnered with Civix, one of the world’s leading software developers to offer a tool which combines our experience with this innovative routing programme.

Their GIS-based software, FleetRoute™, has been used in over 250 routing projects for the waste sector throughout Europe. FleetRoute™ utilises ArcGIS technology from the leading GIS company ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) for its interface and mapping platform.

Eunomia offers councils the opportunity to fine-tune the inputs and outputs of a Fleetroute™ model to ensure that the results reflect the practical realities of waste operations, and to allow major service changes to be modelled accurately. Our approach includes:

  • Balancing collections days and rounds;
  • Utilising available working hours and reducing overtime;
  • Optimising the route (including turning directions) to optimise operational accuracy and efficiency;
  • Reducing and optimising trips to tip;
  • Accounting for specific local conditions (e.g. servicing time restrictions, downhill collections etc).

FleetRoute™ enables us to produce a wide range of statistical reports, maps and task lists. We can provide councils with detailed travel directions for crews, including street-by-street, turn-by-turn, minute-by-minute, directions for each route path.



Supported by Civix, we are the sole supplier to WRAP Cymru for all collections routing support for Welsh local authorities.

Find out how we can use FleetRoute™ to help you improve the efficiency of your collection service by contacting a member of our team.