How would your recycling performance change if you altered your collection system?

Eunomia has developed a sophisticated benchmarking tool which we use either for standalone projects or to support collection options modelling and procurement exercises.

To ensure that your decisions are based on the most relevant and reliable information, we:

  • Select demographic “nearest neighbours” from the CIPFA model, using a bespoke list of socio-demographic criteria designed to match authorities both on waste composition and recycling participation.
  • Use our regularly updated collection system database to select authorities whose systems are relevant to the options you are considering.
  • Check each “nearest neighbour” authority’s collection policies (e.g. their approach to side waste) to help provide the closest comparison.
  • Use our WasteDataFlow tool to extract the latest information about the waste collection performance of the authorities chosen as benchmarks.

As a result, Benchmarker provides a more detailed and reliable set of benchmarks drawn from an expansive list of statistically similar authorities than any similar tool. All of our benchmarking analysis and outputs are bespoke for each project and the authority that we model.

Find out how we can use Benchmarker to help you improve the efficiency of your collection service by contacting a member of our team.