Training & Capacity Building

Do you feel comfortable  managing waste and recycling activities? Do you feel equipped to meet the challenges you face over the coming years?

‘Waste management’ is a simple phrase which encompasses a complex group of services which each have to be carefully thought about in order to ensure that waste is managed correctly and efficiently. Few people have the extensive experience needed to organise, support and develop the full range of waste management services.

Having confidence in what you know, as well as having the right tools available to effectively lead and manage projects, is key to delivering high quality services. At Eunomia we can offer a wide range of support, providing training and building capacity for our customers. This can range from one-to-one coaching and support to the delivery of formal bespoke training courses. The areas within which can we help you include:

  • Compliance with waste legislation;
  • Procurement in line with regulations and best practice;
  • Contracting in such a way as to elicit value;
  • The technical potential of different facilities and approaches;
  • Understanding of emissions (of greenhouse gases and other pollutants);
  • Approaches to planning and permitting;
  • Understanding different ways of financing facilities;
  • Modelling the financial flows over the lifetime of a facility or contract; and,
  • Management of operations and contracts.

We have a team of experts who have trained hundreds of delegates in all aspects of waste management so please get in touch and let us discuss how we can help you.