Support to BIDs in Procurement

Does your BID area have problems with the management of commercial waste? Are your levy payers interested in improving the look and feel of the BID area or improving the value for money from waste service providers?

Unlike utilities or insurance, geography makes a big difference to the cost of waste collection. For a waste and recycling contractor, the smaller the distance that must be travelled between collections, the better the ratio between productive time (spent actually emptying bins) and unproductive time (spent travelling between collections). A BID brings together businesses in a relatively small area, and if it can show waste collectors that a significant number of their members will choose to participate in a waste contract backed by the BID, it can give you a good deal of bargaining power. The BID’s management can act as an influential “super client” making sure that the quality of service is high and that the contractor keeps to its commitments.

Working with BIDs is attractive to waste and recycling companies, on the expectation that a high proportion of BID levy payers opt in. Bath BID has managed to bring over 60% of local businesses into its waste collection contract, while over 180 of Paddington BID’s 350 levy payers participate in the free recycling collection it funds.

We can help you procure a BID-wide ‘collaborative’ contract for commercial waste in order to deliver financial and environmental benefits for your levy payers and those using your BID area.

  • If a competitive procurement is the right route for your BID, we can provide a suite of contract documents which are already tried and tested and tailor them to your needs. This is a relatively quick and very good-value way of putting the contract documents in place.
  • If an alternative route to obtaining a contract is best, we can advise and support you on how to negotiate this with the chosen contractor.

Contact us to discuss how we could support you in providing better outcomes for your levy payers.