Sites & Planning

Are you looking to make your HWRC, waste transfer station or waste depot operate more efficiently and generate savings while you’re at it? Are you unsure how to go about obtaining your environmental permit – or how to put together fire prevention plans?

Recycling rates have been on the rise internationally for the last decade, with local authorities across the UK looking to increase their savings and boost the performance and efficiency of their HWRCs, transfer stations and depots. We pride ourselves on helping both our public and private sector clients to achieve these larger scale visions.

We are able to facilitate the process of making local authority and private contractor’s waste sites more effective at every stage of their development – from site searches and site design through to obtaining planning permission and applying for environmental permits. We lead the market in creating Fire Prevention Plans – or Fire Prevention and Mitigation Plans for those in Wales – for a range of waste facilities including waste transfer stations and HWRCs. We take an operational approach that ensures that we produce plans that work, rather than just simply satisfying the regulations.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your waste management infrastructure, or are investigating options for a new waste management site, our vastly experienced team can help you by:

  • Conducting site search work, identifying the best site options and assessing site feasibility, both from research and on-the-ground site visits;
  • Designing, or redesigning, new and existing facilities in line with service changes, taking a holistic operational approach;
  • Writing operationally practical Fire Prevention Plans, either for a single site or for multiple sites, to ensure that operations are safe and compliant with regulations;
  • Assisting in obtaining your environmental permit, whether this is a new permit or a review of your existing permitting;
  • Providing support for planning permission applications by carrying out impact assessments or handling the process from start to finish, using our range of trusted subcontractors to provide an extra level of detailed expertise;
  • Providing cost analysis of a range of options for increasing waste management efficiency, and putting together a business case; and,
  • Handling negotiations to buy or lease sites on your behalf.

Contact our team today if you are interested in maximising the potential of your HWRC, waste transfer station or waste depot, or if you would like to find out more about our Fire Prevention Plan service.