Procurement Support

Will your environmental services contract expire over the next two to four years?

Under these circumstances, when you decide to go out to tender contractors will be able to afford to be very selective about the opportunities they pursue. We have insight into the perspectives of both local government and the private sector and we can help you develop a procurement process which takes account of market conditions to deliver a contract that achieves your desired outcomes.

In Europe, any waste contract is likely to fall under the requirements of EU Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement. In England and Wales this has been implemented through the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (“PCR 2015”). We can help you meet your goals through a legally compliant process, supporting you at every stage of the procurement process.

We can help you:

  • Set out the right governance and control framework for the project;
  • Design the principles, objectives and long term aspirations of the contract;
  • Develop a robust procurement strategy and business case;
  • Select the most suitable procurement procedure;
  • Develop a realistic and achievable procurement timetable;
  • Define clear and relevant award criteria;
  • Manage stakeholders effectively;
  • Understand the market’s interest in your future contract through pre-procurement market engagement;
  • Ensure your invitation to tender generates attention from potential contractors;
  • Develop clearly structured documentation which considers commercial angles and future relationships;
  • Conduct negotiation and dialogue with the market;
  • Undertake technical, financial and commercial evaluation; and,
  • Develop and upskill your procurement and contract management staff.

We can help you adopt a collaborative and open approach, which can improve the prospects of delivering the best commercial outcomes and a positive, sustainable working relationship with your future contractor.

Whether it’s for waste collections, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, materials management or residual waste treatment, we can help you develop the specification, the definition of the service requirements and all the relevant technical schedules.

We have a tried and tested suite of procurement and contract documents  which include legal, technical and financial schedules and are designed with innovation and future-proofing in mind.

Once the new contract has been awarded we can also support you with the mobilisation and de-mobilisation stage working collaboratively with the incumbent contractor, the new contractor and your contract management team to ensure success.

Contact one of our team if you need support with your procurement project.