Contract Dispute

Are you a private waste company looking to resolve a contractual dispute? Or are you managing an external contractor under a contract which is no longer for for purpose?

Some time into a contract, circumstances can change or issues can arise. If any party feels that the contract is no longer working, it can lead to disputes that may be awkward and costly to resolve.

Eunomia can help you to negotiate agreed changes to contracts to reflect new circumstances. We can help either contractors or clients to analyse the contract changes that are needed to meet their requirements, and to understand the interests of the other party to enable a constructive negotiation to take place.

Where matters have escalated, we can provide expert support with arbitration or litigation. Working closely with your legal team, we will ensure that they understand the technical and operational aspects of the contract, and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of claims made by the other party.

We can also help to reduce the risk of dispute by providing guidance on each party’s powers and responsibilities within a contract. We have developed contract manuals for clients that include information such as:

  • Key deliverables and dates;
  • Available contract sanctions to drive performance improvement; and
  • Practical examples of how potential performance issues can be managed.

To find out more about our contract dispute services and the support we can provide, contact our team.