Bid Support

Are you considering bidding for a public sector waste contract?

If you’re considering bidding for a public sector waste contract, we can help you to maximise your chances of success.

Our experience of working with local authorities to design procurement processes gives us considerable insight into what clients are looking for and how to make your bid stand out. In the current procurement environment, with internal resources often tightly stretched, our experienced team of bid writers can provide the additional capacity you need.

Joining your bid team at an early stage, we are skilled in developing a clear ‘win strategy’. We know which ‘buttons to press’ and can help you focus on the parts of your bid that make the most difference, which can help you reduce the costs associated with tenders.

We also have a range of technical tools to help you design a collection service that is properly but efficiently resourced. In addition, our team of experienced drafters can step in and prepare or improve some of your more standard text on topics such as health and safety, tailoring it to best address the specific questions raised in the tender documents.

Many authorities now include a dialogue or negotiation stage in their tender process. We can help you develop your negotiation strategy and even conduct negotiations alongside you to help you secure a successful outcome.

For more details of how we can help, or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our team.