Thinking about declaring a climate emergency? Or perhaps you have declared a climate emergency and are working out next steps?

We’ve been working closely with local authorities to help them decide what the most impactful next steps are for their journey towards net zero.

Our team of climate specialists have highlighted five key areas for local authorities – and other organisations – to focus on to help them achieve their goals.

How big is the problem?

We help authorities to understand how much carbon is being produced, by what activities, and in which locations (known as the scope of emissions). This ‘baseline’ gives the starting point for the journey to net zero and can be determined for your own corporate estate and your region of responsibility as needed.

What do we need to do?

Once we’ve worked out the size of the problem, we’ll help you plan out your next steps. The best ‘pathway’ to a low carbon future will depend on each individual council’s ambition and the available technology, finance and likely central government support. Eunomia helps to identify the ‘no regrets’ actions which can be prioritised and the changes that might sensibly be deferred.

How much will it cost?

Councils need to understand the cost of change before they can commit to action. We show how a local authority can have the greatest impact with the funds they have available. We can also help you to identify additional sources of finance and help consider how best to use offset schemes where this is the right thing to do.

Getting started

Once we’ve got actions in place, our team will help you to plan and swiftly deliver your strategy. From the hard infrastructure changes required for transport, waste and adaptation through to expediting decision-making and cultural change Eunomia has the experts, experience and track record to help you start to move to carbon net zero.

How do you take people with you?

Local authorities serve a range of stakeholders: residents, businesses, suppliers, providers and – within the organisation -both officers and members. We help you plan and deliver your engagement with these groups through the use of member workshops, citizens’ assemblies and a host of other channels.

Find out more about our approach and the municipalities we’ve helped start their journey to net zero.