Local Environment

Do you need support in your efforts to improve your local environment for your residents?

Whether you’re working in the public, private or non-profit sector, we can provide you with evidence-based advice in policy and practice that can help you focus your resources, helping you achieve environmental benefits efficiently.

For those working to improve the management of waste and recycling, we can help you find the best options for:

  • Waste collection
  • Managing plastics
  • Depot and HWRC design and planning
  • Waste treatment
  • Sales of recycling

If you’re looking to buy in services, plant or equipment, we can advise you on many aspects of procurement.

Our operationally-focused experience also enables us to advise clients on policies that can help to improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of waste. These include:

  • Waste prevention policies
  • Communication & behaviour change
  • Assessing opportunities for partnership and cross-boundary working
  • Design and implementation of local environmental policies
  • Training & capacity building

We can also provide joined-up advice on many other aspects of the local environment, including:

  • Efficient approaches to reducing litter and improving the local streetscene
  • Managing green spaces so as to maximise the benefits they offer, both to local residents and in wider environmental terms
  • Integrated approaches to reduce air pollution

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