Catchment Mechanisms

Does your business have to deal with the complexities of water treatment regulation – or do you spend valuable time negotiating over land management? Is the impact of pesticides taking up too much of your resources?

With an estimated £13 billion  spent in the UK every year on catchment management, it’s an area where there’s a lot of money to be made – and a lot of opportunities for savings.

Effectively managing catchment areas reduces flooding, secures water supply and improves water quality without having to increase overall expenditure. The complexities of the relationships between water companies, land managers and regulators can make maximising your business opportunities difficult.

Our expertise in working with all the organisations that affect and benefit from sustainable water use means that we can ensure your business is getting the best possible outcome.

If your business is concerned about managing relationships and interpreting regulations, we can support you by:

  • Modelling water treatment costs and crop yield changes;
  • Examining the existing regulations concerning water treatment standards;
  • Liaising between land managers, water companies and regulators to achieve the optimal solution for all parties; and,
  • Undertaking economic analysis to explore the options available to your business.

Contact one of our team if you would like to better understand catchment management issues, or have any water treatment and regulation questions.