Governments, Cities & Regions

How can you as a policymaker support the delivery of a circular economy? What types of policy and intervention mechanisms might you use to develop your strategy and which sectors should you focus on?

A number of major studies have highlighted the massive economic opportunities that developing a more circular economy can deliver, with several national and regional governments, as well as municipal administrations, already developing strategies to foster a circular economy in the areas over which they have jurisdiction.

Businesses are central to delivering a more circular economy and there is much that business can do by taking its own initiative. However, progress is likely to be swifter where governments and policymakers point their strategies towards a more circular economy.

If you are looking to develop a strategy or plan to develop a circular economy, we can draw from our wide-ranging experience in this area to:

  • Help you develop policies and route maps at a national level;
  • Develop mechanisms that will help deliver policies at a regional or local level;
  • Help with your sectoral prioritisation;
  • Bring together key stakeholders to codevelop circular economy mechanisms and present the magnitude of the likely benefits from full adoption of these measures;
  • Lead masterclasses to help build an understanding of what the circular economy is; and,
  • Offer business support programs to companies wanting to change their practices.

In our experience, these strategies focus on the management of waste and business practices. Contact one of our team if you would like to further your understanding of the circular economy, or to start developing policy of your own.