Viability Study: Implementing a Beverage Container DRS for Catalonia

28th July 2017

by Tim Elliott

This study, commissioned by the Catalan Waste Agency, analyses the technical, environmental and economic viability of the implementation of a deposit refund scheme (DRS) for single-use beverage containers in Catalonia.

Drawing on expertise gained from DRS schemes worldwide, the study argues that the recycling of beverage containers in Catalonia could increase to 95% if a DRS was implemented. The study looks in detail at the:

  • Legal viability;
  • Definition of the DRS model for Catalonia;
  • Recovery of beverage containers and reduction of littering;
  • Economic viability;
  • Timeline for the preparation and implementation of a DRS in Catalonia, and;
  • Special scenarios.

Eunomia worked with Barcelona based ENT Environment and Management and law firm Jiménez de Parga to deliver the report.

This review is available free of charge. Press the orange button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the download.