Recycling – Who Really Leads the World? (Issue 2)

11th December 2017

by Rob Gillies, Peter Jones, Joe Papineschi, Dr Dominic Hogg

In this report, prepared jointly with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), we analyse recycling data from around the world to understand which countries really lead the municipal waste recycling league table.

Recycling – Who Really Leads the World? (Issue 2) is an update to the Eunomia publication (launched in March 2017) that ranked countries by reported recycling rates and then, using publicly available waste data, calculated adjusted recycling rates for the top 10 on a like-for-like basis to provide truly comparable recycling rate figures.

Although recycling rates reported by each country establishes a top three of Germany (66%), Wales (64%) and Singapore (61%). Eunomia’s updated report goes further to look in more detail at what is included in these reported recycling rates, and uses new research to create a revised recycling rate league table.

As well as ranking countries with the best reported recycling rates, the new research Recycling – Who Really Leads the World (Issue 2) takes the top ten performing countries and looks in detail at how they achieve higher recycling rates.

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