Recycling Carbon Index 2015/16

19th December 2017

by Peter Jones, Simon Hann

The 5th edition of our Recycling Carbon Index shows the CO2 emissions savings from local authorities’ waste and recycling services in 2015/16.

The leading carbon saver across England, Wales and Northern Ireland was Powys County Council, who saved an average of 130kg of CO2 per person in 2015/16. Wales was the best performer overall, with household recycling increasing to 55.8%, with a carbon savings increase of 8.2%, resulting in an improvement of 21,000 tonnes of CO2 saved from 2014/15.

England’s local authorities saw a similar increase, with an improvement of 21,600 tonnes of CO2 saved – bringing the total savings to 3.6 million tonnes. England’s leading local authority was Dorset Waste Partnership, who saved on average 111kg of CO2 per person, putting the local authority in third place overall. In total, 58% of English local authorities improved their performance in the Recycling Carbon Index from 2014/15.

Northern Ireland’s top performer was Fermanagh and Omagh, with 84kg of CO2 saved on average per person. The country made 126,500 tonnes of CO2 savings in 2015/16, an increase of 2.9% from the previous year.

This edition of our Recycling Carbon Index also identifies the authorities who have seen the most change in their performance since 2011/12. Powys are the most improved, with an increase of 44kg of CO2 per person saved in the last five years. Buckinghamshire have increased their savings by almost the same amount, with a 43kg increase since 2011/12.

Northumberland have seen the largest decrease in savings, with an average of 20kg less of CO2 saved per person since 2011/2012. Cornwall and Gateshead also saw an overall decline in performance, with savings of -17kg

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